Will the biofuels industry see more $500 million contracts?

It was a significant event in 2010 when a $500 million contract was awarded to TMO Renewable, a biofuels company. NRG EXPERT predicts investment will once again flow into biofuels towards the end of 2012. Key investment likely to come from Japan, India and China.

The Biofuels industry – market research

Using their biofuels market data the energy analysts at NRG Expert found these countries to be the winners in the global biofuels market place:


–   Japan will become a growing biofuels market following the implementation of new biofuels legislation in the short term.

–   China and India may also become significant biofuel markets.

–   Some new countries are entering the sector on a commercial scale, such as the Philippines and Thailand.

Other countries face losing their biofuels subsidies and strong price competition so are unlikely to experience growth


–      US biodiesel producers are likely to be affected by the expiration of subsidies at the end of the year.

–      The EU biofuels market may contract slightly with the removal of subsidies in some key member states, e.g. the Netherlands.

–      Cheaper fuels from Latin America in 2009 meant the US and EU biofuel markets are finding it hard to compete.


Overall though, if companies can take advantage of the favourable legislation and growth potential in Asia, then NRG EXPERT expects the latter part of 2012 to be a good year for biofuel companies.


Where do I find biofuels market research?

NRG EXPERT’S World Biofuel Report and industry data provides an in depth energy analysis of the impact these developments will have on the biofuels market place.  Click here to view information on this report:

>> World Biofuels Report – market research

>> Power Generator Database and Market Intelligence Report

>> World Biomass Market Research Report



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Source: TMO Guardian Sept 2010, Biofuels Magazine, NRG Expert World Biofuels Market Research Report 2012
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