Energy in Latin America and Caribbean Energy Data

Are you looking for data on energy in Latin America, or statistics on Caribbean Energy?

Our analysts at NRG Expert have been taking an in-depth look into energy in Latin America and the Caribbean to bring you the energy data and statistics your company needs. This data is available in NRG Expert’s Global Energy Data Almanac.

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Benefits of NRG Expert’s Latin American and Caribbean Energy Database

> Access data on energy in Latin America and the Caribbean which is often unpublished elsewhere
> Download in-depth data on individual countries, (eg Cuban energy data, or Brazilian energy data),
> Or purchase by region. The Latin American Energy Database covers Central American energy data, South American energy data and Caribbean energy data
> Gain access to Excel files from any web browser in the world, including smart phones
> Purchase for a one of fee or an annual subscription
> Access easy-to-use system with no software to download.
> Use the advanced search capability (eg search for ‘energy in Cuba’)
> Print & download all documents
> Access detailed tables, with constant refreshment of content.
> Extract data and save to your own spreadsheet
> Good value for money compared to other online “Terminal” data services

What’s in the Latin American and Caribbean Energy Database?

Detailed statistics on energy in Latin America and Caribbean energy including:

Electricity Data:
> Electricity Transmission installed base data
> Electricity Distribution installed base
> Voltage tables, metering installations
> Smart meters
> Prices and feed-in tariffs
> Capacity by Fuel type
> Total energy production, total consumption
> Energy Imports & exports
> Power plants
> Lists of Central American and Caribbean oil and energy companies by country
Gas Data:
> Proven Central American and Caribbean natural gas resources
> Gross natural gas production
> Production for energy consumption
> Flared gas data
> Imports & exports, energy consumption, prices
> Carbon dioxide emissions
> Meters installed, smart grid
> Central American, South American and Caribbean oil and gas companies listings
Water Data 
> Access to drinking water data
> Annual renewable water resources
> Fresh water withdrawal
> Installed meters, smart meters
> Water supply companies listings
Petroleum Data & BioFuels Data
> Emissions from consumption
> Proven natural resources of oil and gas in Central America, South America and Caribbean
> Petro-distillation capacity, petro-production & consumption
> Imports and exports of oil and gas
> BioFuel production & consumption
> Fuel ethanol production & consumption, and Bio Diesel
Renewable energy in Latin America and the Caribbean
> Generation capacity data for renewable energy in Latin American and the Caribbean
> Generating capacity of hydro and ocean energy
> Data on wind energy and solar energy capacity
> Geothermal power data
> Data on biomass capacity
> Carbon dioxide emmissions
Caribbean Energy – countries analyzed 
> Energy market in Costa Rica
> Energy market in Honduras

South American Energy – countries analyzed



> Energy market in Argentina
> Energy market in Bolivia
> Energy market in Brazil
> Energy market in Chile
> Energy market in Colombia
> Energy market in Equador
> Energy market in Falkland Islands
> Energy market in Paraquay
> Energy market in Peru
> Energy market in Suriname
> Energy in Uruguay
> Energy market in Venezuela
Central American Energy – countries analyzed 
> Energy market in Cuba
> Energy market in El Salvador

In-depth Market Research On Specific Energy Types is also available in our reports on gas, oil, coal, renewables, electricity, T&D, power infrastructure, water, metering and smart grid.

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