24,000 Global Power Plants Analysed

NRG Expert are excited to announce the release of their latest energy database product: the NRG Expert Global Power Plant Database. This energy database provides intelligence on 24,000 of the world’s power generation plants.


The Global Power Plant Database reveals all the critical details of individual power plants across the world in over 180 countries. Valuable information, when you think that 80% of the world’s energy is provided by these power plants and there are over 24,000 power plants globally. The NRG Expert Power Plant Database is the result of years of data collection.


Some highlights of the product include:

  • Over 24,000 power plants listed by country, fuel and capacity,
  • Critical details about individual power plants
  • Statistics on total fuel generating capacity
  • Data on 80% of the world’s power capacity
  • Intelligence about how 5786 GW of power is produced globally

The list of plants has been compiled from many sources, including regulator and utility reports and websites, together with magazine and press reports. All sections of the industry are covered, including utilities, independent power producers (IPPs) and captive power plants (CPPS). Where available, contact information is  also included. The power plants are classified by fuel (individual fuels or combinations of fuels), fuel group (thermal, hydro, nuclear, RE, hybrid) and capacity MW. Data is presented in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

>> Global Power Plant Database

More details on this exciting new product can be found here:  NRG Expert.com

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Background information                                            

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