Highlights from the latest energy market research:


Biomass market on the rise

We share our findings on the biomass market, click here to read


 Power infrastructure market 

As electricity networks expand and existing infrastructure ages, there is a growing market for retrofits. Find out more





Demand increases for insulators, cables and towers

Electricity networks are expanding on a global scale and this is creating increased demand for the cables, electrical insulators and transmission towers which transmit and distribute electricity. To help companies identify the market opportunities, read NRG Expert’s report highlights here…





High-tech power market research highlights

To help companies understand the ‘Transmission and Distribution High Tech Power market’, read the highlights of NRG Expert’s  latest report..





Energy efficiency market research results revealed

NRG Expert commissioned a market research report to look at the ways companies and governments can become more efficient with their energy usage. Get the report highlights





Energy Conferences and Events


For energy events and conferences click here:



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