African Energy Data and Statistics

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Interest in African energy has been on the rise recently, especially in the renewables sector. Egypt for example has put aside 6,700 square feet of land to generate power from wind* . On top of this the African bank Tunis is working on an ambitious geothermal development in East Africa**. NRG Expert’s team of expert analysts have collated a wealth of African energy data and statistics to bring your company the most informative market research possible. This data is available in the Global Energy Data Almanac where you can purchase the entire database or data on individual countries.

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Benefits of NRG Expert’s African Energy Data

> Access data on African energy production and consumption

> Often unpublished elsewhere

> Download in-depth data on individual countries, (eg South African energy data, Nigerian energy data, Egyptian energy data or Tunisian energy data),

> Or purchase the full collection of African energy data

> Gain on-line access to Excel files from any web browser in the world,

> Access via a smart phone

> Purchase for a one of fee or an annual subscription

> Access easy-to-use system with no software to download.

> Use the advanced search capability (eg Make a search for African energy resources)

> Print & download all documents

> Access detailed tables, with constant refreshment of content.

> Extract data and save to your own spreadsheet

> Good value for money compared to other online and “Terminal” data services

What’s in the African Energy Database?

Energy tables and energy capacity data in Africa is provided on the following:

Electricity Data:
 > Electricity Transmission installed base data
 > Electricity Distribution installed base
 > Voltage tables, metering installations
 > Smart meters
 > Prices and feed-in tariffs
 > Capacity by Fuel type
 > Total energy production, total consumption
 > Energy Imports & exports
 > African power plants listings
 >Lists of African oil and energy companies by country (Egypt, South Africa, Algeria, Nigeria and more)
Gas Data:
 > Proven African energy resources such as South African energy
 > Gross natural gas production
 > Production for consumption
 > Flared gas data
 > Imports & exports, consumption, prices
 > Meters installed, smart grid
 > Oil and gas companies in Africa
Water Data 
 > Access to drinking water data
 > Annual renewable water resources
 > Fresh water withdrawal
 > Installed meters, smart meters
 > Water supply companies listings
Petroleum Data & BioFuels Data
 > Emissions from consumption
> Proven natural resources in Africa
 > Petro-distillation capacity, petro-production & consumption
 > Imports and exports of African energy
 > BioFuel production & consumption
 > Fuel ethanol production & consumption, and Bio Diesel
Renewable energy for Africa
 > Generation capacity data on African renewable energy
> Generating capacity of hydro and ocean energy
> Data on wind energy and solar energy capacity
> Geothermal power data
> Data on biomass capacity
AFrican Countries Covered
> Energy in Algeria
> Energy in Angola
> Energy in Benin
> Energy in Botswana
> Energy in Burkina Faso
> Energy in Burundi
> Energy in Cameroon
> Energy in Cape Verde
> Energy in Central African Republic
> Energy in Chad
> Energy in Comoros
> Energy in Democratic Republic of Congo
> Energy in Djibouti
> Energy in Egypt
> Energy in Equatorial Guinea
> Energy in Eritrea
> Energy in Ethiopia
> Energy in Gabon
> Energy in Gambia
> Energy in Ghana
> Energy in Guinea
> Energy in Guinea-Bissau
> Energy in Ivory Coast
> Energy in Kenya
> Energy in Lesotho
> Energy in Liberia
> Energy in Libya
> Energy in Madagascar
> Energy in Malawi
> Energy in Mali
> Energy in Mantinea
> Energy in Mauritius
> Energy in Morocco
> Energy in Mozambique
> Energy in Namibia
> Energy in Niger
> Energy in Republic of Congo
> Energy in Rwanda
> Energy in Senegal
> Energy in Seychelles
> Energy in Sierra Leone
> Energy in Somalia
> Energy in South Africa
> Energy in South Sudan
> Energy in Sudan
> Energy in Swaziland
> Energy in Tanzania
> Energy in Togo
> Energy in Tunisia
> Energy in Uganda
> Energy in Western Sahara
> Energy in Zambia
> Energy in Zimbabwe

In-depth Market Research On Specific Energy Types is also available in our reports on gas, oil, coal, renewables, electricity, T&D, power infrastructure, water, metering and smart grid.

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Source: *AllAfrica **The Sunday Monitor