All Essential Middle Eastern Energy Statistics pulled Together into One Database

Energy  analysts at NRG Expert have been taking an in-depth look into energy in the Middle East. They have sourced all the essential Middle Eastern energy data and put it all together in one place, in the NRG Expert Global Energy Almanac.



For For anyone working in the energy industry, the Middle East is an important country to understand. It has the largest share of proven oil reserves and according to the International Energy Agency* produces 12.9 per cent of the world’s crude oil. Yet political unrest in some areas is becoming a risk. USA Today** went as far as to say that “traders are worried that spreading unrest in the Middle East will disrupt oil production and shipments in the region” They reported that: “The face of the Middle East is changing in pretty dramatic fashion in a very short period of time. The risk to supply is going up.”

To help companies understand all the key energy data for the Middle East, NRG Expert have therefore pulled all the essential energy data together into one central database called the NRG Expert Global Energy Almanac***.

This energy database is ideal for companies who want to obtain accurate consumption and production figures for the Middle East. With the Global Energy Almanac customers can purchase the entire regional database or just purchase energy data on individual countries.

The NRG Expert Almanac allows customers to access data on energy in the Middle East, often unpublished elsewhere . They can download in-depth data on individual countries, (eg Saudi Arabian energy data, Iranian energy data, Israeli energy data or Egyptian energy data),  or purchase the full collection of Middle Eastern energy data. The data can be purchased for a one of fee or an annual subscription

NRG Expert also provide market research on specific energy types in the Middle East in their collection of market research reports on gas, oil, coal, renewables, electricity, T&D, power infrastructure, water, metering and smart grid.

What’s in the Middle Eastern Energy Database? 

Energy tables and energy capacity data on the Middle East are provided by NRG Expert for the following areas:

Electricity Data > Electricity Transmission installed base data & Electricity Distribution installed base

> Voltage tables, metering installations

> Smart meters

> Prices and feed-in tariffs

> Capacity by Fuel type

> Total energy production, total consumption

> Energy Imports & exports

> Power plants listings

> Lists of Middle Eastern oil and energy companies 

Gas Data:  > Proven Middle Eastern natural resources

> Gross natural gas production

> Production for consumption

> Flared gas data

> Imports & exports, consumption, prices

> Meters installed, smart grid

> Middle Eastern oil and gas companies

Water Data  > Access to drinking water data

> Annual renewable water resources

> Fresh water withdrawal

> Installed meters, smart meters

> Water supply companies listings

Petroleum Data & BioFuels Data > Emissions from consumption & Proven natural resources of oil and gas in Middle East

> Petro-distillation capacity, petro-production & consumption

> Imports and exports of oil and gas in the Middle East

> BioFuel production & consumption

> Fuel ethanol production & consumption, and Bio Diesel

Renewable energy for the Middle East > Generation of Middle Eastern renewable energy &  Generating capacity of hydro and ocean energy

> Data on wind energy and solar energy capacity

> Geothermal power data

> Data on biomass capacity

Middle East Countries Covered > Energy market in Afghanistan

> Energy market in Cyprus

> Energy market in Dubai and Bahrain

> Energy market in Egypt

> Energy market in Iran

> Energy market in Iraq

> Energy market in Israel

> Energy market in Jordan

> Energy market in Kuwait

> Energy market in Lebanon

> Energy market in Oman

> Energy market in Palestinian Territories

> Energy market in Qatar

> Energy market in Saudi Arabia

> Energy market in Syria

> Energy market in Turkey

> Energy market in the United Arab Emirates

> Energy market in Yemen


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*International Energy
***NRG Expert Global Energy Data Almanac-