CIS and Russian Energy Data and Statistics

Are you looking for energy data on Russia, or countries of the CIS?

For companies looking for data on energy, oil and gas in Russia and the CIS states, NRG Expert has pulled together a wealth of essential energy information. This data is available in the Global Energy Data Almanac. This energy database provides energy statistics on the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) whose participating countries are the former countries of the Soviet Union.

The energy data in NRG Expert’s Almanac reveals how Russia has gained a massive foothold in the natural gas industry.   Gazprom, Russia’s largest energy company, now provides 80% of Russia’s natural gas and has also started to  dominate the European market. In Feb 13 Fox News reported that the shares were worth a staggering $115.9 Billion, making Russian energy a market to watch.

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CIS and Russian Energy Data in the NRG Expert Almanac

>> Access energy data on the former countries of the soviet union, often unpublished elsewhere

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What’s in the CIS and Russian Energy Database?

Energy tables and energy capacity data on the former countries of the Soviet Union and Russia are provided on:

Electricity Data:
 > Electricity Transmission installed base data
 > Electricity Distribution installed base
 > Voltage tables, metering installations
 > Smart meters
 > Prices and feed-in tariffs
 > Capacity by Fuel type
 > Total energy production, total consumption
 > Energy Imports & exports
 > CIS and Russian power plants listings
 > Lists of CIS and Russian oil and energy companies by country (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and more)
Gas Data:
 > Proven CIS and Russian natural resources such as Russian natural gas
 > Gross natural gas production
 > Production for consumption
 > Flared gas data
 > Imports & exports, consumption, prices
 > Meters installed, smart grid
 > Oil and gas companies in Russia and the CIS
Water Data 
 > Access to drinking water data
 > Annual renewable water resources
 > Fresh water withdrawal
 > Installed meters, smart meters
 > Water supply companies listings
Petroleum Data & BioFuels Data
 > Emissions from consumption
> Proven natural resources of oil and gas in Russia and the CIS states
 > Petro-distillation capacity, petro-production & consumption
 > Imports and exports of oil and gas in Russia and the CIS states
 > BioFuel production & consumption
 > Fuel ethanol production & consumption, and Bio Diesel
Renewable energy for Russia and CIS
 > Generation capacity data on Russia and the CIS states renewable energy
 > Generating capacity of hydro and ocean energy
 > Data on wind energy and solar energy capacity
 > Geothermal power data
 > Data on biomass capacity
Former countries of the Soviet Union included
> Energy in Armenia
> Energy in Azerbaijan
> Energy in Belarus
> Energy in Georgia
> Energy in Kazakhstan
> Energy in Kyrgyzstan
> Energy in Moldova
> Energy in Russia
> Energy in Tajikistan
> Energy in Turkmenistan
> Energy in Ukraine
> Energy in Uzbekistan

Reports are also available on each energy type in Russia and the CIS eg reports on gas, oil, coal, renewables, electricity, T&D, power infrastructure, water, metering and smart grid.

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