Electricity Market Analyzed in Over 196 Countries

Electricity is big business. Yet each country has a very different electricity market structure. The energy analysts at NRG Expert have researched each country’s electrical supply industry and summarized their findings in a 500+ page market research report.

The energy analysts at NRG Expert have published their findings in a report called the Electrical Supply Industry World Guidebook.  This Guidebook reveals that while some country’s electricity market is heavily privatized with a high degree of technology, others are government led. In addition some countries have a single vertically integrated utilities supply while others are fragmented and rely on many different companies working seamlessly together.

The Guidebook highlights the four key areas of the electricity industry:

–      electricity generation

–      electricity transmission

–      electricity distribution

–      electricity supply

The report then looks in detail at each of these areas for the 196 countries it covers. The market research report also provides tables on the installed electricity capacity (MW) for each country and highlights the key electricity market facts .

The Electrical Supply Industry World Guidebook has been compiled from many sources over eleven years. Sources include the World Bank, IEA, International Energy Agency, IMF and many other energy trade associations, national electricity statistics, government departments and electrical utility reports.

The in-depth market research allows companies and governments to gain a global understanding of the electrical supply industry and understand the trends, developments and opportunities across the world. It provides vital statistics and information on each country’s electricity generation, electricity transmission grid and electricity production and supply.

Highlights from the Electrical Supply Industry Report:

Did you know?

-In Burundi in Central Africa – It is reported that only 2% of the population have electricity in their homes.

 – In the USA – The economic significance of electricity is enormous. It is one of the largest and most capital-intensive sectors of the economy.

– In Canada – Domestic production exceeds domestic demand.  Canada is therefore a net exporter of electricity to the United States.

– Hong Kong – has, one of the oldest power companies in the world; Hong Kong Electric which started operation in 1890.

– In the United Kingdom – The government has embarked on a strategy of increased privatisation.

– In Saudi Araba – the economy is based on the petroleum sector which is heavily state-controlled and accounts for 80% of budget revenue, 45% of GDP and 90% of export earnings.

– In Sri Lanka – the government is investing US $ 106.5 million in the Rural Electrification Project–8 to provide electricity to  more than a thousand villages in the provinces.

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Background information: NRG Expert is a London and Toronto based energy market research publisher. NRG Expert provides up to date information and analysis on worldwide energy markets, including the electricity market, the electrical supply industry, electricity generation, power plants, energy market analysis, market forecasts & energy consulting. Visit www.nrgexpert.com for further information.
Statistics and data sourced from NRG Expert’s Electrical Supply Industry World Guidebook and the World Bank, IEA, International Energy Agency, IMF and other energy trade associations, national electricity statistics, government departments and electrical utility reports.
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