Energy Quiz

To celebrate the festive season, NRG Expert launch a challenging energy quiz. They have scoured the NRG Expert website and over 1000s of lines of data in their global energy databases to ask 5 tough energy questions. Are you an energy expert? Do you know the answers?

NRG Expert Energy Quiz

  1. How much is the global water and waste market worth?

  2. How many jobs can the shale gas industry support by 2035?

  3. How much can the roll-out of Electricity Smart Grids reduce CO2 emissions by 2020?

  4. In the US what percentage of energy demand will come from renewables by 2040?

  5. How much will need to be invested in Energy infrastructure on an annual basis up to 2035 to meet the worlds insatiable and growing energy demands?

Struggling to find the answers? Clues available here:


  1. Visit NRG Expert’s Water and Waste Report Overview page and the answer will quickly be revealed
  2. It’s a tricky one – 1,660,000 jobs. For more information on the shale gas market, view NRG Expert’s Shale Gas Market Research
  3. 2.2 Gigatonnes is our best estimate. View our 2 Minute Briefing on Smart Grids  for more interesting smart grid data.
  4. Check out our free 2 Minute Briefing on Top Energy Facts USA, and the % of renewable energy will be revealed
  5. This astounding figure was revealed in our 2 Minute Briefing on the Future of Energy Demand. Click here to discover this enormous number.

Just click on the links above and all the answers will be revealed. Enjoy. Happy Holidays!