Free Energy Data of the Month Just Released

We provide customised energy data and high quality energy market reports. To demonstrate our expertise, each month we will be offering a free sample report or piece of interesting energy data.

This month we are offering complimentary energy data on the ‘Asian power transportation market’.

The figures show the actual and forecast expenditure in the Asian energy market for Cables, Towers and Insulators. This data presents 2011 actual figures and 2012-2016 forecast figures in USD. This data has all been extracted from NRG Expert’s Global Market for Cables Towers and Insulators database and forms part of their Electricity Transmission and Distribution energy market research.

For example, did you know that of all the Asian economies, China is expected to spend the most money  on the power transportation market from 2012-2016?

If your company is currently preparing energy market forecasts, or looking for opportunities in the Asian energy market, then this Asian energy data about the power transportation market could prove invaluable and is completely free for one month only.

The data is part of a larger database of energy data held by us at NRG Expert, the London and Toronto based energy market research publisher. We provide up to date information and analysis on worldwide energy markets, including electricity transmission and distribution, smart grids, power generation, natural gas, water, oil, coal, nuclear, renewable energy, water and waste, and all elements of energy infrastructure. Providing energy data on over 200 countries as well as important energy investment information. For more information on the full range of Energy Databases and Reports visit the home page:


To sign up for NRG Expert’s energy ‘Data of the Month’ and receive free energy data on Asian Capital Expenditure in the Power Transportation Market visit the:

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NOTE: Each month NRG Expert offers a free sample report or piece of interesting data which is only available free of charge for 4 weeks. After the Data of the Month offer for Asian Capital Expenditure in the Power Transportation Market has expired, this data can be found in the Global Market for Cables, Towers and Insulators Database



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