North American Energy Data and Statistics

Are you looking for Canadian, Bermudian, Mexican and US energy data ?

North America Energy DataWith Barack Obama focusing heavily on the USA’s energy future, there has been a growing interest in North American energy data. NRG Expert’s teams of energy analysts have therefore researched hundreds of data sources, to compile a database of essential North American energy statistics. This data is available in the NRG Expert Almanac

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Benefits of NRG Expert’s North American Energy Database

> Access North American power data, often unpublished elsewhere
> Download in-depth data on individual countries, (eg USA energy data, Canadian energy data, Bermudian energy data or Mexican energy data),
> Or purchase the full collection of North American energy data
> Access Excel files from any web browser in the world, including smart phones
> Purchase for a one of fee or an annual subscription
> Access easy-to-use system with no software to download.
> Search for key words and phrases using the advanced search capability
> Print & download all documents
> Access detailed tables, with constant refreshment of content.
> Extract data and save to your own spreadsheet
> Good value for money compared to other “Terminal” data services

What’s in the North American Energy Database?

Energy tables and energy capacity data are provided on the following:

Electricity Data:
 > Electricity Transmission installed base data
 > Electricity Distribution installed base
 > Voltage tables, metering installations
 > Smart meters
 > Prices and feed-in tariffs
 > Capacity by Fuel type
 > Total energy production
 > Total consumption
 > Energy Imports & exports
 > North American power plants listings
 > Listings of electrical supply industry companies in North America, US, Mexico, Bermuda and Canada
Gas Data:
 > Proven north American natural resources
 > Gross natural gas production
 > Production for consumption
 > Flared gas data
 > Imports & exports, consumption, prices
 > Meters installed, smart
 > North American Gas companies listings
Water Data 
 > Access to drinking water data
 > Annual renewable water resources
 > Fresh water withdrawal
 > Installed meters, smart meters
> Water supply companies listings
Petroleum Data & BioFuels Data
 > Emissions from consumption
 > Proven natural resources
 > Petro-distillation capacity,
> Petro-production & consumption
 > Crude oil imports and exports
 > BioFuel production & consumption
 > Fuel ethanol production & consumption
> Bio Diesel
Renewable energy for North America
 > Generation capacity data on renewable energy
 > Generating capacity of hydro and ocean energy
 > Data on wind energy and solar energy capacity
 > Geothermal power data
 > Data on biomass capacity
North American Countries Covered
 > Canadian energy
 > Mexican energy
 > US energy
 > Bermudian energy

In-depth Market Research On Specific Energy Types  is also available in our reports on gas, oil, coal, renewables, electricity, T&D, power infrastructure, water, metering and smart grid.

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