NRG Expert Releases Electrical Supply Industry Database

As energy demand continues to grow, technology is developing apace. The electrical supply industry, amongst other sectors, is seeing rapid development and change as it evolves to meet new grid requirements. Significant overhaul of grids in both the United States and Canada have been reported; over 100,000 km of new line is expected to be deployed, either to replace aging infrastructure or as added capacity [1] with total investments estimated at $170 billion over the next 8 years. [2] Efforts by Siemens and RuggedCom in Virginia have produced a self-healing grid that can, in the event of damage, provide “optimized fault detection, isolation and restoration – features that can quickly find and isolate trouble spots, and reconfigure the feeder to get power from another substation through unaffected lines.” [3]

Developments like these have led some to say that the smart grid is well on its way. Researchers at MIT are saying that it is already here. Working in concert with Florida Power & Light, engineers at MIT have, for the first time, assembled a large-scale smart grid capable of considerable resiliency and better integration of green technology. [4] If successful, it could be the proof of concept moment that accelerates the development of smart technology.

As grids are upgraded and new technologies are implemented, developments in the electrical supply industry will be more important than ever. With this in mind, NRG Expert has released the Electrical Supply Industry Database. NRG Expert Analyst Edgar van der Meer, who spearheaded the development of this product, notes that “as technology continues to develop and governments the world over nationalize or de-nationalize their ESI industries, this global market sector is growing more complex. This product provides the essential knowledge base to understand the electrical supply industry.”

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