NRG Expert shares its latest collection of global water and waste market research reports

Max Krangle, Managing Director of NRG expert is pleased to share the recently released collection of water and waste market research reports.

The world’s population is averaging a growth rate of around 1.1% annually. This is putting pressure on the world’s water supplies and sanitation systems, forcing governments and large companies to evaluate their water policies.

NRG Expert has therefore researched this market place to provide a series of energy market research reports on the water and waste industry.

These reports look at the key market drivers plus outline all the important water and waste energy statistics and data to enable governments and companies to evaluate their options make difficult decisions.

The energy analysts also highlight the most important companies and countries to watch. This is critical reading for anyone operating in the water and waste energy sector. The full market research report overviews can be viewed here:

Here is a quick summary of the latest water and waste energy market research reports available at NRG Expert.

>> Global Water and Waste Utilities Market Research Report

This water and waste utilities market research reportprovides a comprehensive overview of the global water resources markets including water and wastewater treatment methods and water and waste statistics. It looks at the market information on water, water treatment companies, water utilities companies, pollution, private sector investment, water and wastewater forecasts and much more.

>> Global Desalination Market Research Report

This desalination market research report provides a global overview of water desalination.  It asks what water desalination is? It also looks at water stress, future and current markets, rising demand for water desalination, costs verses advantages, and desalination technologies. It contains in depth market forecast, statistics, analysis and data on the water desalination industry. The desalination market research analyses the desalination market situation globally, with a particular focus on countries with more than 1% of global desalination capacity or the potential to gain significant water desalination market share.

>> Global Deployments of Utility Meters Market Research Report

This NRG Expert Database Product is an in-depth analysis of the Global Metering Markets, including the Water Meter market. This database and accompanying PDF overview contain a comprehensive worldwide water meter overview,. It lists the value in US dollars, of each utility metering segment in 2011, and then forecasted  to 2015.

>> Global Water Deregulation Market Research Report

To meet the UN’s water target the share of private water companies in the water and wastewater market is forecast to increase. To speed up progress, deregulation is also required. NRG Expert’s report reviews the impact of water deregulation and privatization on the water market at the country and regional-level.

All reports available to publish, click here 

Or download out the NRG Expert product list brochure (PDF) here


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