NRG Expert’s Hydro Power Report forecasts considerable growth in hydro energy

Here at NRG Expert, we have recently published a report on Global Hydro Power which looks at the global hydro energy market, hydro developments and hydro technology. Following years of stagnation and bad press, we can report our research reveals that hydro power generation is experiencing resurgence.

Our team of analysts have collected hydro power facts and statistics from around the globe and after reviewing these numbers, forecast considerable growth in hydro capacity. In the worldwide hydro power industry an installed capacity of over 1,100 GW by 2015 is likely.

>> Hydro Power Facts

Our energy analysts forecast that ‘most growth in hydro power is expected in the Asia Pacific region, especially in the growing economic power houses of China and India. Growth will also flow over to neighboring countries which export excess electricity over their borders. Significant hydro power growth is also expected in Latin America.’ *

>> Hydro Technology

Hydro technology with a low environmental impact such as run-of-river, small hydro and low head turbines are proving to be extremely popular to both appease critics of hydro and meet energy needs. So much so that in the USA, the regulator of hydro projects, the FERC, has signed a memorandum of understandings with five states to streamline the licensing of small projects.

There has also been an increase in pumped storage projects as a standalone option, or retrofitted on to existing hydro power assets. Pumped storage is popular because it is the most mature storage technology and it can store electricity at off-peak times and then release it  back to the grid at times of peak demand.

We provide a hydro power market research report which looks at the contribution of hydro power to the Energy Mix. The market research outlines each country’s hydro electric generating capacity, its hydro energy history, and its technical background. The report looks at the key hydro power facts and the advantages and disadvantages of hydro power. The analysts then use this information to create hydro energy forecasts. Critical reading for anyone associated with this industry.

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