Power Infrastructure Market On the Rise

Electrical Transmission and Distribution networks are growing rapidly causing the power infrastructure market sector to also experience growth. As electricity networks expand and existing infrastructure ages, there is a growing market for retrofitting and refurbishment of the power infrastructure that supports it. Our energy analysts have therefore undertaken an analysis of the global power infrastructure market, with a particular focus on electrical power transformers, electric switchgear and electrical substations.

The database and report they have produced provides insightful analysis and forecasts on the transmission and distribution market, electrical supply industry and Transmission and Distribution companies. This analysis is essential for identifying the opportunities in this sector There are a number of factors driving the growth of this market. As systems mature, in many cases, in countries with static or declining populations little expansion takes place. However much of the power infrastructure is beginning to age, so there is a growing market for replacement, retrofit and refurbishment.

In developing countries, different dynamics are operating.In large developing countries, such as India, there has been fast growth in recent years as the power systems try to keep up with population and economic growth. Simultaneously, major distribution systems installed in the 1960s are also in need of replacement, as they reach the end of their lives. So demand is being driven by both power infrastructure extension as well as refurbishment. Rapid growth presents a unique opportunity and a clean slate to implement the latest technologies.

Our analysts found that a lot of the new power infrastructure is required to keep pace with the new technology, as old technology is replaced. They also found that although very different market forces are at work in the developed verses the developing nations, both require investment in their power infrastructure.

To help companies better understand the numbers behind the power infrastructure market, we have produced a Global Power Infrastructure Database which contains both actual figures and forecasted figures for all power infrastructure equipment, electrical power transformers, electric switchgear market, electrical substations. Using these numbers companies can forecast the future market size and potential. To accompany the database they have also produced a report which provides valuable context and a detailed historical overview of the origins of the electrical supply industry. This provides the background for today’s market factors.

For companies looking to gain a global understanding of the transformers, switchgear and substations sector, it is suggested they review the Global Power Infrastructure Market (Transformers, Switchgear & Substations) Report and Database prepared by www.nrgexpert.com

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Background information NRG Expert is a London and Toronto based energy market research publisher. NRG Expert provides up to date information and analysis on worldwide energy markets, and has completed an in-depth study into the Electricity Transmission and Distribution market including a review of the Power Infrastructure Market, electrical power transformers, electric switchgear and electrical substations.

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