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NRG Expert analyses top energy companies to provide energy statistics and data.  As BP is one of the world’s leading oil and gas companies NRG has referenced them in many of their market research reports.  If you are looking for facts and figures on BP please contact us or review the reports below.


BP Facts
Exploration and production segment included upstread and midstream activities, and gas marketing and trading activities in 28 countries with production from 19 countries*
Employs 85,700 people***
Over 20 refineries owned/part owned or operated. Some though, mainly in the US, have recently been sold or are being sold.  
3461 thousand barrels per day of refining throughput **


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Global Natural Gas Report BP realised natural gas prices; BP’s natural gas projects under development; BP’s natural gas assets; Liquefied natural gas portfolio; Liquefied natural gas value chain; Natural gas production per region.
NRG Expert Global Oil Reserves & Shale Oil Report Table – Comparison of two sets of reported oil reserves for the top ten countries from the Oil and Gas Journal and the BP Statistical Review
Energy Security Outlook and impact of public policy on the share price and operations of BP plus historical closing share price for BP
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***  http://quotes.wsj.com/BP/company-people