Top Energy Facts Australia – clean energy on the rise

NRG Expert, the energy market research company, analyses the global energy market and identifies countries with promising potential for energy investment and growth. This week the spotlight is on Australia.

Australia is expected to experience significant clean energy investment. This is down to its strong economy, close proximity to the rapidly developing Asian markets and strong support from the Australian government. [1]


Here are the top energy facts for Australia


a)    Australian’s large land mass can support clean energy infrastructure. [1]

b)    The Australian government’s 20% renewable energy target sparked $18.5 billion in clean energy investment. [2]

c)    Latest initiatives are expected to drive $8.8 billion in investments by 2030. [2]

d)    90% of Australia absorbs 1,950+ KWh of sunlight per metre per yr, ideal for solar[1]

e)    Strong westerly winds up to 10 metres per second hit the southern Australia coast, opening up opportunities for wind energy [1]

f)     Temperatures reach around 280°C at up to 5km underground, creating a strong geothermal resource. [1]

g)    Australia’s strong growth was supported by import demand from Asian economies, their major exporting markets. [1]

h)    Australia’s close proximity to Asia’s rapidly growing economy has allowed trade to flourish, China overtaking Japan as Australia’s No.1 trading partner from 1972-82. [3]


Many facts therefore point to clean energy growth in Australia.

Investment in this area looks promising due to strong encouragement from the government and opportunities to exploit the natural landscape by using new technologies. The growth of renewable projects across Australia will be able to provide significant amounts of clean energy to their energy grid.


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[1] Source – Australian Government, [2] Source – Brisbane times, [3]