Top Energy Facts Brazil

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Top energy investment country to watch:


Brazil has overtaken the UK economy to be the sixth largest in the world, growing 2.7% last year compared to the UK’s growth of 0.8%. Brazil’s population of 190 million compared to the UK’s 60 million should mean energy production and consumption will increase as the country develops.

Top Energy Facts Brazil

  • Ultra-deep offshore Brazilian oil discoveries make Brazil the largest and most significant new oil and gas prospect of the last few decades.[3]
  • Producing 2.3 million barrels of oil daily, Brazilian oil is attracting lots of interest and a host of new energy investors.[2]
  • 2.8 million barrels of oil are produced, Including biofuels, Brazilian oil is ranking 9th in the world production rankings.[2]
  • Brazil is looking at increasing the percentage of ethanol in vehicle fuel by 25% in line with increased sugar cane production.[1]
  • Brazil has initiated huge investments in wind power, adding 32GW to the renewable energy grid within 5 years.[4]


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