Transmission and Distribution Market Research

NRG Expert Transmission and DistributionElectricity transmission and distribution networks are continuously evolving to cope with ever rising demand. In the past, companies focused on adding more power lines, transformers and ancillary equipment,
whereas today new grid technologies can make the systems more efficient. Today the technology of the systems is often able to substitute increased sophistication for physical growth.

NRG Expert have researched the Electricity Transmission and Distribution market to produce an in-depth database and accompanying market research report. The report and database helps companies and countries evaluate how the electricity transmission and distribution networks will evolve to cope with ever rising demand. The data enables teams to review the leading manufacturers and their products. It provides forecasts to 2018, calculates line lengths and outlines the various energy infrastructure options available to increase energy efficiency, such as increasing power lines or focusing on installing new electricity line and grid technology. Vital information for anyone operating within the Electricity Transmission and Distribution industry.

NRG Expert Transmission and Distribution products

Global Database, Regional Databases, and Report

The NRG Expert Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Portfolio is built up of groups of segments that can be purchased together, or separately. Our core product is the Global Electricity T&D Report and Database. This product contains the entire package and includes a report, global database, and regional databases.

Global Database, and Regional Databases

Are you looking for transmission and distribution core data only? NRG Expert are offering customers the opportunity to purchase the Electricity Transmission and Distribution Database separately. While the report offers a full analysis of the electricity transmission and distribution industry, the database simply offers the core data, without the market research and analysis.

Regional Databases

Sometimes, you’re just looking for data specific to a certain region. We have structured the Electricity T&D Report and Database to allow you to purchase any of the 9 individual regional files as an ‘off-the-shelf’ product, thus saving you form getting us to perform costly analyst data extraction.

Other Options

We realize that the T&D industry has many facets, and this is why we have done our best to split our assessment of the market into different segments. Our Global High-Tech Power Market Database; the Global Power Infrastructure Report and Database; and the Global Market for Cables, Towers and Insulators Database can provide you with the country-level data specific to each of these transmission and distribution market areas.

Should your needs be even more specific than what we can offer you with any of the products above, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’d be more than happy to provide you with an estimate and outline.

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